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School Teacher

Operation Manager


Morninglight education is a professional educational institute in San Jose, California, which aims to provide 5-18-year-old students and their families with high-quality learning and tutoring services before and after school. Founded in 2004, we serve more than 200 students and their families. Our professional team is dedicated to providing our students with a safe, fun, and inclusive learning environment. Join us!

  • Oral and written communication skills in both Chinese and English

  • 3+ years of increasingly responsible clerical and management experience; working with children

  •  Familiarity with a suite of tech tools such as (such as MS Office, and Google Drive tools)

  • Ability to draft letters and documents

  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy

  • Demonstrate cultural competence and cultural humility

  • Believe all people have the right to an education and work environment free from fear, harassment, or discrimination

  • Excellent organizational skills: accurate and attentive to detail

  • Effective time/project manager; Able to manage several projects simultaneously

  • Commitment to the development of relevant professional knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment

  • Team player, outgoing, and optimistic with well-developed interpersonal skills

  • Ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining the rights and human dignity of all parties

  • Has excitement, joy, and passion for teaching kids and personal development/learning.

  • Open to feedback and continuous growth.



Developing school administrative systems and managing the school's main office and its associated
systems including, but not limited to:

  • Support the mission of the school through all work.

  •  Improve and implement systems that contribute to and drive school operations toward operational excellence, Maintain continuous communication with internal and external stakeholders, keep school leader/principal informed and updated on all aspects of school operations; Lead, plan, and execute short-term school-based projects.

  • Deliver results through management of educational KPIs and discipline around business KPIs.

  •  Manage the marketing, sales, and promotions to drive school and student success.

  • Financial management of the school includes but is not limited to analyzing results, tracking budgets, managing labor costs; and ensuring confidentiality and security of files and all information pertaining to students, parents, staff, and the community.

  • Prepare the season reports to the Director of Company School Operations.

  • Compiling data for enrollment and other reports.

  • Help the directors anticipate and prevent problems and stay on track with paperwork and deadlines.

  • Manage a school-based operations team, ensuring the school is in compliance with all local,
    district, state, and federal laws and regulations, and leading all efforts toward operational

  • Manages the enrollment cycle at the school site with support from the School Team, including
    student waitlist management, and parent/student orientations.

  • Provide top-quality customer service experience, including billing, schedule management, and

  • Answer phones; screen office visitors and telephone callers in a gracious and congenial manner;
    answer questions concerning the school’s courses, activities, or programs and /or refer persons
    to another source of information as needed.

  • Manage all teachers to help them deliver an excellent education program.

  • Prepare and maintain records of school purchases and order supplies, books, materials, and
    equipment as requested by the administration.

  • Oversee successful activities production and management and provide students with inspirational
    performance opportunities.

  • Plans and coordinates logistics for school events and activities as needed, including, parent
    meetings, concerts, special events, fundraisers, and field lessons.

  • Manage staff and school facility to provide a safe, cool, and appropriate experience for all

  • Being the subject matter expert for school operations, responsibilities include successfully
    executing systems, processes, and policies in all non-instructional areas.

  • Oversees compliance related to student health initiatives, including student immunizations and
    student health assessments; designs and implements systems and procedures that ensure
    student and team member safety during the school day and specifically during the COVID-19
    pandemic leads to the implementation of physical health; and safety guidelines on the school campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst our school community.

  • Develops and maintains the school’s emergency safety plan, conducts staff emergency safety
    training, schedules and leads drills, and maintains school emergency supplies.



  • We offer a very competitive salary for our employees.

         (Part-time hourly compensation commensurate with experience)

  • Full-time staff benefits include medical insurance and a bonus.

  • Own child tuition discount.

If you are interested in this offer, please send us your resume to:

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