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Outstanding arts education through performance.

Established In 2004

Morninglight Education Group is a well-established education center for students in the San Jose school district. The program incorporates a variety of courses and special classes, particularly in the Math, English, and Chinese language fields. 

Our enriched, balanced curriculum and primarily teacher-guided approach promote the highest levels of cognitive, social, emotional,  physical, and ethical development, in a secure, stimulating, playful learning environment. 


2023 Fall
Enrichment Classes

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2932 Aborn Square Rd,

San Jose, CA 95121

Tel: (408)406-7481


*The best and quickest way to receive a reply from MorningLight is by email. The MorningLight School office will email you back within 24-48 hours. Voicemails may take longer to be addressed.

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