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About Our MorningLight

Since 2004

MorningLight Education Group is a well-established education center for students in the San Jose school district. At MorningLight we believe that a balanced approach, a thoughtful combination of Teacher Guided and Open-Ended learning opportunities, establishes an excellent educational foundation, providing the skills children need for Kindergarten and future. learning.


Mission & Vision

Our goal is to equip students with a positive growth mindset; full of enthusiasm for learning and creativity; and eventually develop into lifelong learners, responsible and beneficial to society.

We strive to consciously create a respectful and inclusive environment by offering a diverse curriculum in which students receive a high-quality learning experience. At the same time, by demonstrating and expressing knowledge and skills, we practice our core values: not being afraid of challenges, and achieving excellence.


At MorningLight, our teachers scaffold opportunities for our students to problem solve, learn conflict resolution, and manage frustration and expectations. Learning to transition, follow routines, and engage in cooperative play, children build confidence and independence, becoming more willing to take appropriate risks. Our teachers encourage meaningful interactions and friendships, further boosting a child’s secure sense of self. Students also explore open-ended Process Art in our luminous art studio in addition to enjoying many opportunities throughout the day to engage in unstructured, imaginative play.

At MorningLight we support the growth of the whole child. Through inquiry, discussion and exploration our program fosters reflective thinking and abstract reasoning. Our curriculum promotes logical thinking by introducing skills in context and providing concrete materials. The acquisition of knowledge bolsters self-esteem, and learning with others greatly enhances social intelligence.

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