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Modern Classroom

Vocabulary & Reading




Grade K

First Grade

Kindergartners are working in kindergarten and first-grade workbooks focusing on phonics, sight words, spelling, long and short vowel sounds, and following directions. Additionally, during the class students will go to the board and write their own sentences, and read them out to the class. They enjoy this very much. 

Grade 1

Standards-Based Connections Reading

First-grade students are working on reading nonfiction passages and answering comprehension questions as well as writing sentences to summarize and explain what they have read. Students are building vocabulary and leaning spelling.

Grades 2 to 6


Students in grades 2 to 6 are studying the Wordly Wise program in our classes. This program offers new vocabulary and various activities to help students memorize definitions. Students have to apply meanings in order to find the correct sentences and work with Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes, and synonyms. Each lesson offers a reading comprehension story that showcases the vocabulary and the students must answer approximately 10 to 15 comprehension questions. Lastly, there is a short written response. 


Class participation for all grades is to read passages and answer questions aloud in class. Also, once a week students are to give a short presentation to the class. The presentation can be about one of the new vocabulary words that they learned or something about their weekend or something that they learned in school.

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