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Debate Club

G5+ (G4 is okay if the student is interested)

In this debate class, students will learn the fundamentals of argumentation with a special focus on the Public Forum event. This class will begin to prepare students for middle school tournament competition. Students will learn the importance of communication skills, as well as strategies to improve their persuasive speaking. Students will also learn about how to craft an effective argument, then how to defend their ideas in a fast-paced debate round, while also critiquing their peers’ and their own arguments for improvement. Research skills and techniques will be discussed, and students will have the opportunity to practice and discuss their research findings. Students are also expected to be willing to work with other students in the class due to the collaborative nature of debate. Exciting real-world demonstrations, including simulated practice rounds, participation in an end-of-semester tournament, and a potential field trip to a local tournament will be offered. 

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