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Enrich your child’s summer with our 2024 Summer Chess Camps!   Students engage in learning and improving at the intriguing game of chess.  



Arnav Kapur, who loves working with kids of all ages. Some of his significant accomplishments are drawing with a candidate master and a year back he got one of the top places in the scholastic state championship.

The Structured Process that he follows to improve the students:

  • Identifying students' personal weaknesses and working on them in depth.

  • Working on an individual's weakness and rectifying the problems is the most effective approach for a professional Chess Player.

  • Creating customized lessons as per students' needs.

  • Work on students' visibility (to analyze situations better), calculations, strategies, openings, and variations.

Beginners Chess Camp:

  • Learn the basics of chess, how each piece works, the points system, and writing moves.

  • Principles of chess.

  • Checks,checkmate and stalemate.

  • Strategy, calculations, board visibility.

  • Apply the principles in practice games.

Intermediate Chess Camp:

  • Calculation puzzles that require seeing 1-2 moves ahead.

  • Skewer puzzles.

  • Pin Puzzles.

  • Double attack puzzles.

  • Removing the defender puzzles.

  • Backgrank checkmate puzzles.

  • Time management.

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