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In speech and debate, classes students develop skills that are necessary for them to be successful in school, college, and life. Students learn how to do research, persuasive speaking and writing,  active listening, critical thinking, and cross-examination, and become confident presenters.  




Nearing a decades worth of competitive and coaching experience, Carlos is the teacher who can turn great competitors into excellent award-winning champions. Ranging from Speech to Debate events, and using his teachings as a Communications major, he has coached students guaranteeing flawless performance at every level regardless of event. 

As a competitor, Carlos has won various speaker rewards and has competing in the Finals rounds at the famous Harvard, Kentucky, Weber State Tournaments, and also at many more district tournaments.

Even as a coach, he has coached novice, junior varsity and Varsity debaters at tournaments and camps alike, leading them into top speaker positions and overall flawless records at his student’s competitions.

As a judge, he has been on many Final round judging panels at hundreds of high level varsity tournaments, accumulating hundreds of rounds of judging experience across the country.

On the speech side, he’s taught classes of varying skills to kids, including both Impromptu and Interpretation events, providing fun and thorough training to allow students to develop their own sets of skills that will stay with them forever.


In this debate class, students will

  • Learn the fundamentals of Public Forum debate with the goal of preparing for and competing in a tournament.

  • Learn the importance of communication skills, as well as strategies to improve their persuasive speaking.

  • Learn about how to craft an effective argument, then how to defend their ideas in a fast-paced debate round, while also critiquing their peers and their own arguments for improvement.

  • Classes will cover analyses of past and current topics, practice debate rounds, and different public speaking and debate exercises.

  • Students are expected to spend some time out of class to prepare their cases and research and will have the opportunity to learn, practice, discuss their research, and ask questions in class.

  • Students are also expected to be willing to work with other students in the class due to the collaborative nature of the debate.



This class will prepare students to deliver a well-organized speech to any audience while building their self-confidence and public speaking ability.

  • Students will write several speeches in this class (ie. narrative, persuasive, expository), with writing workshops and lectures dedicated to crafting cohesive, well-written speeches.

  • Students will also learn and practice different communication skills through speaking exercises and by presenting their speeches to the class. Through teacher and peer feedback, students have the opportunity to bolster their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and make their speeches even better.

  • Classes will also include practice in the style of different competitive speech events, research exercises, and exposure to news and current events.

  • Students are occasionally expected to spend some time out of class to write and practice their speeches but are always expected to be kind to one another to ensure everyone feels comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone.

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