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Get a head start on Digital Drawing, Painting and Animation!



Wing Sze Huang is currently studying at Cooper Union for a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a full tuition scholarship. She is familiar with art college applications and portfolio building. She received acceptance letters from 13 schools; some of which are highly prestige schools like Cooper Union, SAIC, SVA, Parsons, MICA, UCLA, and CCA. Received merit scholarships totaling a million dollars. She incorporates the Cal Art and UCLA curriculum she learned from industry expert Eric Whitman into her class. Aims to introduce students to the fundamentals, like The 12 Principles of Animation, storyboarding, character design, and illustration. This class provides a springboard for students to develop their interests further or portfolio works for college applications. The class is suited for middle and high school students (ages 12-18). Hardware requirements: computers (tablet needed) / iPads (apple pen needed) that can run animation software Software requirements: any software that has onion skin, timeline, and layers. 

This course will be teaching the most important 12 Principles of Animation outlined by the old school animators of Disney through exercises and projects. Like animating a bouncing ball, a character turning their head, walking, running, etc to ease students into individual projects. This learning style allows students to develop and practice multiple skills in one exercise/project and maximum flexibility for students with different levels of skill and creativity. 


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