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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so see for yourself why your little one will thrive in our immersive art camp!



Zhengzheng Wang graduated in sculpture from Sichuang College of Music. She is a compassionate teacher with several years of experience teaching in a variety of environments, levels, and backgrounds of students. Skilled in monitoring student progress and implementing modern systems to optimize education. Dedicated to comprehensive student education, development, and long-term success through a growth mindset, knowledge, and skill building.

People do not usually associate “Creative Arts” with an “Adventure Camp,” but every summer we are amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of the campers involved in the art studio. Here, campers can focus their creative energy on projects that are fun, inspiring, and meaningful.

Our specific projects include:

  • Ceramics

  • Sketching

  • Cartoon

  • Digital Art

  • Painting

Creating art can be a powerful process of self-discovery or simply an expression born from emotion and experience. Our teacher is there to teach campers new art skills, guide campers through the creative process and help stimulate creative ideas in campers. 


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