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The culture of camps is deeply rooted in being places where kids not only have fun, but where they connect socially. 



Sunny Zhang, graduated from "Liaoning University, China" with a "Master of Arts" degree. In 2005, he created the "Nv Luo Drama Performance Art Space" and worked as a screenwriter and director.


Sunny Zhang has participated in the performances of the large-scale dramas "Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land", "Relocation", and "Wulin Biography" in the Bay Area; participated in the short plays "Costume Designer and His Models", "Mother's Scarf", "Smoked Oak " and other performances, self-written and acted in the comedy sketch "Revelation of Famous Brand Clothing".


For seventeen years, he has been committed to the popularization and promotion of children's dramas in the Bay Area. Original, adapted, and performed children's plays include: "Monkey King Havoc in Heaven", "Chang'e Flies to the Moon", "Ganoderma Grass", "White Wedding Dress and Giant Cake, Camouflage Wedding Dress and California Red Wine", "Wireless Children's Kite Flying" Ya Fei", "Smart Director Hu", "Doctor Ma Opens a Clinic", "African Lion's Campaign Speech", "Smart Director Hu", "Happy New Year's Eve", "There Comes a Dog in Muir Woods" Fang Fang Wolf, Happiness and Happiness Are Around You, Magic Stone's Travel, Garbage Daughter, Birthday Gift, five-act children's myth drama "Ma Liang", four-act modern children's fairy tale drama "Ginseng Kingdom" A New Legend”, Five Acts and Eleven Scenes of the Warring States Historical Drama “Sun Bin and Pang Juan”, etc. A number of original adult sketches and short plays: "Save the Soul", "The Sound of Clogs", "Revelation of Famous Brand Clothes", and "Aunt Liu's Charm".


Among them, "The Magic Brush of Ma Liang" has been performed for a long time, with seven consecutive performances in four years; "The New Legend of the Ginseng Kingdom" has performed four performances in two years, and the box office has not decreased. The historical drama "Sun Bin and Pang Juan" of the Warring States Period was staged six times in a row and was called a stunning work by the audience in the Bay Area.


Cooperated with Youshi TV in the Bay Area and trained more than 60 child actors to participate in the shooting of micro-movies, such as "Naughty Boy News", "Examination Room Storm", "Little Bowhead", "Career Exploration Day", "Alexander", "Mid-Autumn Festival", "Mathematical Homework", etc. 

In these one-week programs, campers can explore different kinds of performances such as improvisation and sketch comedy. There’s something for everyone! 

3 Main Subjects:

  • Children's language art: Public speaking training, from enunciation and pronunciation, oral exercises, and tongue twisters, to recitation, hosting, speeches, cross talk, allegro, and other forms of enlightenment teaching in various language arts.

  • Children's performance art: from perceptual response to role interaction training in skits and short plays, from shallow to deep to playing and shaping roles.

  • Songs, dances, and other types of performances, so that students can master more performance skills and enrich performance methods.



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